За да има наука в България!

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2012-12-13 18:04

#26: Кочо Честеменски -

Що не си напишеш името красно, бе Кочо? Ами си турил името на една светиня пред собствената си физиономия? От това по-комунистическо и ченгесарско - здраве му кажи!

Иван Димов



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2012-12-14 03:45:21

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Zdrasty Be Unak!

Abe bay Ivane, ostavi horata na mira i ne se zayajday s tyah.

Zashto ne prestanete da se obijdate i postoyanno da tarsite prichinite za tejko polojenie v Balgariya v drugite, a ne v sebe sy- v samite nie?

Izvinyavay Bay Ivane i tezi "Umni iIntelegentny Mlady i Stary Balgarsky Ucheny", prosto e nedopustimo da izpolzuvate takav VULGAREN I ARROGANTEN EZIK!: kato naprimer "

Що не си напишеш името красно, бе Кочо? Ами си турил името на една светиня пред собствената си физиономия? От това по-комунистическо и ченгесарско - здраве му кажи!

Иван Димов"

Za neuspehite v sobstvenite sy Strani i Pravitelstva, Samo Nezivilizovanite Nazii i Balgaryte uprekvat minaloto.


Kak e vazmojno, umni i intelegentny hora da izpolsuvat izrazite, kato "izgnily domaty", "Що не си напишеш името красно, бе Кочо? Ами си турил името на една светиня пред собствената си физиономия? От това по-комунистическо и ченгесарско - здраве му кажи!"


How to survive a horrible boss

Dr. Marla Gottschalk

Consider this scenario: Career-wise, you've been steadily progressing in the right direction. Albeit, a few unnecessary turns - you have essentially been moving forward. You've volunteered for challenging assignments, developed your social network, managed to put yourself in front of the right people and have remained positive, even when your path appeared ambiguous.

Then finally, in an instant, it all comes together. You land the role of a lifetime - and it is everything you could have ever wished for. The right city. The right organization. Great products. Great colleagues.

But there is a "catch". After a short period time - you realize that your dream job is developing into the worst nightmare of your career. Your direct supervisor, the individual who seemed like a perfect fit during the interview, is a really horrible boss. You cannot seem to get on the same page, and you haven't a clue on how to turn things around. Nothing is right. The mood is negative and tenuous.

To be honest you'd prefer jumping off a cliff, than going to work.

Having a bad boss can wreak havoc in your life, causing inordinate amounts of stress and lowered feelings of engagement. The most troubling fact? This is not an uncommon story (I hear it often) - as research has shown that many employees view their bosses as a significant source of stress at work.

It's a crying shame - and developing better bosses - should be a priority going forward (Read about Google's effort here). Many employees will experience a "less than stellar" boss during the course of their career. A career "fact of life" that we all dread.

Impacting supervisory issues can prove to be a daunting challenge - as the process can be wrought with frustration. However, in many cases, I find that some of the problems can be addressed and the situation can improve. Taking charge of the situation (not the blame) is the first step.

Before you look for a new role, try the following:

  • Pause and take a deep breath. Make the commitment to tease out your feelings concerning your boss from your work. This will be vital to help you gain composure and formulate a coherent plan. Concentrate, at least in the short term, on the aspect of the situation in which you do have control - your emotions.
  • Try to understand your boss. Bad bosses are often bad for a reason. They may be under an extreme amount of pressure in their respective roles, or have little experience managing others (very common). Keep this in mind - as the malice (or neglect) directed at you - may not really be about you.
  • Check the communications channels. Are you and your supervisor on the same page about your work? Be sure you are getting accurate task-related information. Meet with him or her to review your responsibilities, and discuss how you measure up. Ensure that things are crystal clear going forward.
  • Make yourself indispensable. Get ahead of the situation. Brainstorm strategies to support your supervisor. Whether it is finessing weekly reports or anticipating customer problems - strive to develop yourself as a contributor.
  • Seek another perspective.If you feel you need a mentor to help you sort things out, reach out to someone you trust. Learning to cope is key, and gaining another view of the situation can be helpful.
  • If things don't improve, start planning for a change. If you don't see improvement in a couple of months or so, plan to move on. Look for a similar role - this time being sure to assess the leadership style of your future boss, to ensure a more optimal fit.

We have all been thrown "career curve balls" from time to time - and not every working relationship can be saved. However, taking the time to put a plan in motion, before you decide to "abandon ship" is a worthy option.

How have you dealt with a challenging boss? What were your strategies?